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Once again, THANK YOU for being a blessing to " DAWN'S HEARTFELT CORNER", making a
difference in our world, changing lives and bringing hope to the hurting. Your help is
greatly needed and appreciated. This could not be done without people like you who
have a heart. Touching the lives of our youth, run away teens, who are strung out on
alcohol and drugs, pregnant with no families. Going to public schools, sharing my car
accident testimony with the students, telling them the consequences of alcohol. Our
children are our next generation! Reaching out to our communities, the homeless and
visiting the elderly in nursing homes. Thank you for thinking of others!
For all gift offerings, you may request a copy of DAWN'S HEARTFELT CORNER,
monthly newsletter, a copy of my written testimony, and a paper copy of the photo
car accident.
Make Checks Payable To Dawn's Heartfelt Corner
Maybe You Are Choosing To Partner With Us Monthly With A
Small Love Gift. We Are A Non-Profit Organization,
Incorporated With The State Of Florida And We Have
Receipts To Pass Out, Upon Request.
Thanks Again From The Bottom Of My Heart!

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